If there are repeats in the song then you may decide to eliminate them now. This is done with menu option Edit/Flatten. Make a copy of the song first because this process can not be reversed. The main reason to eliminate repeats is that you want the song to sound a little differently in each repeat. To add different directives at each repeat you will have to make it one long sequence. But you may also want to print compact copies of the song that's why you should make a copy before you flatten (stretch) it.

An easy way to make a song more interesting and exciting is to place different part markers in the song. You can place an intro part in the first measure and an ending part in the last. This is done in the same drag and drop manner as in step 1. Always place a main part at the start of the song or after the intro. Fill ins and intro's are played only once while the main's are repeated continuously. You can put a different main (A, B, C, D) at the start of each verse and a fill in at the end of each verse.

When you drag the tile on the right of the voice name to a measure in the staff, then this voice will be selected in that measured. By dragging different voices to different measures you can have the melody in each verse be played with a different instrument.

In a similar manner you can place different tempo's in the song. Listen how the tempo get's faster and faster at the end of this midifile: Kalinka.

Short note lengths will give a staccato effect.

Changes in melody and accompaniment volume may also add some variety.

When you drag the tile with the S (switch) to a staff measure, then a window will popup where you can specify which accompaniment instrument to switch off or on from this measure.

Drag the tile with the P (pad) to a measure and a window will popup where you can select a pad (short melody) to add to this measure.

Press the Rep. button to specify different variations and melody voices for a repeated sequence in the song. That is the area between the ||: and :|| signs. The chosen style part and melody voice will be activated at the start of each repeat but can be overruled by styleparts and voices that are placed somewhere in the middle of the repeated area

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