Live display

The format of the window while playing, can be customized with menu settings/live-display. If the option at the top is not checked then you will stay in the score editor window while playing. If you find the instrument fingering disturbing then uncheck that option. The option "show lyrics in score" will show the text beneath each set of staff lines like it is in a songbook. The lyrics font size applies to the small lyrics in the score while the karaoke font size applies to the large lyrics in the karaoke window.

With the karaoke area size you can set the size of the karaoke window. A size of zero will show now karaoke and a large score window. A size of 6000 will show no score and a large karaoke window.

You can choose which instrument fingering should be displayed. There are different types of chord fingering for keyboard. Recorder will show the melody fingering for that instrument and guitar the chord fingering. The default is PC Keyboard, you can use the PC keyboard as a music instrument. Fingering selections for other instruments are shown below.

Below is the default display with PC keyboard instrument, karaoke window and score with no lyrics.


The display below is with recorder fingering, no karaoke and score with lyrics.


The live display below is with guitar fingering, a large karaoke window and no score.


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