Pick a style and play

After you have entered notes and chords press the styles button. Select a style from the list and press the play button.

The song starts playing. The note that is playing is highlighted. The text will scroll along the screen in big font and the words to be sung are highlighted in a Karaoke manner. If you save the song to a midi- or karaoke-file then you will be able yo play it in other midi based karaoke players like VanBasco.

On the top of the screen you see the fingersettings for the current selected instrument, in this case the PC keyboard.. In menu settings>live-display you can select another instrument. This gives you the chance to learn to play your piano, organ, recorder or guitar. Beside the stop button you can specify start measure, end measure and loop on/off.

The values beneath the stop button are the tempo and the volumes for melody, accompaniment and pad. You can adjust these by dragging them up and down with the mouse.

You can try other styles easily, just load a style and play.

When you load a style the available parts (variations) in a style are listed on screen. Click on a part to "tweak" the instrument volumes if needed.

The audition style part window pops up and the style part is played repeatedly. Drag the volumes (here all at hundred) up and down to adjust the loudness of each instrument. Right click on any of the listed volume levels and keep the mouse button down to hear the instrument play solo. The volume adjustments will be valid for all parts.

Press the voices button to try different melody voices and harmonies.

Click on the Multivoice listfield at the top of the window to select a multivoice. Press the mouse button on the keyboard image below it to hear the complete multivoice. A multivoice can contain up to 4 voices. You can reach and edit each single voice with the select voice option at the top of the window. The definitions on the lower half of the window are for the currently selected single voice. It depends on your synthesizer wether it will respond to all of these parameters. Just select from the patch list and adjust volumes if you have a simple synthesizer (e.g. the one that was standard built in your PC). You can play the single voice sound with your mouse on the lower keyboard image.

Harmony 1 and harmony 2 will add extra notes matching the chords and is available only in voice 1.

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