MIDI Pedals

The 13 pedals of the Roland PK-5 can be used to play the chords in One Man Band (chord-recognition is set to single-finger). Assign the 12 lower notes to the chord area in OMB's settings. Define the high C as the Minor switch in OMB. After pressing the Minor switch, the next pressed chord will be played as a minor chord.

The Studiologic MP-117 Pedalboard has 17 pedals. In One Man Band you can assign the pedals/notes as follows:

C thru B: chord area
C: Minor switch
C#: Intro/Ending
D: Fill in
D#: Higher variation
E: Lower variation

Other OMB functions can be triggered using a pedal in combination with one of the four buttons on the MP-117. E.g. when you hold the program change button, press the lower-C pedal and release the program change button, then program change 0 is sent to MIDI-Out. If program change 0 is assigned to the function Stop in OMB, then the accompaniment will stop without playing an ending. All other functions like tempo and volume changes can be triggered this way.


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