Sequencer Arranger View

Add accompaniment and auto harmony to a midifile, by specifying chords, style(variations) and multivoices in this window. The bars are printed in blue. Click on a bar field and a text field will appear where you can type the chord for that bar. If more than one chord is required in one bar then insert a comma for each beat before the next chord. Below the chord text field are buttons to select style, style variation and multivoice. To hide the editfield and buttons press return or click anywhere else in the window. Be aware that a MIDI file recorded in the Live window already contains this information.

Press the Generate button to create Auto accomp and Auto Harmony (if the corresponding options are checked to the right of the generate button).

Generating Auto Accomp will add events in channel 9 thru 16 according to the styles, parts and chords specified. If needed bars will be added or deleted to fit the lenght of Intro and Ending variations. A Fill will be repeated if it is not followed by a Main or other variation in the next bar.

Generating Auto Harmony will add events in channel 1 thru 4 according to the melody in channel 1 and the chords and mutivoices specified. To be able to restore the original melody for a next generate action, melody events will be added that are visible in the event list as a special event type different from notes. Autoharmony will be generated from melody events if present, otherwise from channel 1.

The style, variation, chords, multivoices and melody info is stored in ordinary MIDI files. In the OMB eventlist they are visible as special events but if you save and load the MIDI file in another sequencer they will be visible in marker events. This allows you to process the MIDI files in other sequencers without loosing this information.

When variation is set to "none" then only drum accompaniment will be heard. When chord is set to "none" then also only drum accompaniment will be heard and no harmony will be added to the melody. When multivoice is set to "none" then no harmony and extra instruments will be added to the melody.