Sequencer Eventlist View

To insert events: press the i or the insert key. An event will be inserted below the highlighted line. To delete a highlighted event: press the d or the delete key. To navigated thru the list use the scroll bar or the arrow, PageUp and PageDn keys. To edit an event first ensure it is highlighted and then click on the colum you wish to modify. When an event property is clicked on a window may popup with options or the property may become editable. Some editfields will have a button on the right to select from a popup window instead of typing its value.

To hear the sound of a note: right click on it.

There are 5 event types that are OMB specific: Style, Variation, Multivoice, Chord and Melody. These are usually worked on in the Arranger view. Style specifies the style that is used to create accompaniment. Variation is one of the variations that may be present in a style. Multivoice is one of the multivoice definitions as specified in the Multivoices Editor. Melody is the information of the original melody notes before auto harmony was added. These events are used to add Auto Accomp and Auto Harmony when the Generate button is pressed.