Sequencer Karaoke View

If there are lyrics in the sequence, then they will become visible in the large display in the lower part of the screen. Press the play button and the lyrics will highlight in red as they are to be sung.

To add lyrics to a MIDI file, you can type the text in the text edit box in the upper right corner or copy and paste it from the web navigator or a word processor. Use Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste. Use hyphens (-) to dis-tin-guish the syl-la-bles in the words. The hyphens will not be visible in the Karoake display but each syllable will highlight at a separate time. When you press the space-key while playing only one syllable will be processed.

When you have entered the text then set the cursor before the first word and press the play button. While playing press the space-key in the exact tempo that the words and syllables should be sung. Each word is highlighted in the text edit window when it is inserted with the space-key. When the song is stopped the Karoake display will be filled with the words of the song. Press play again and the text in the Karaoke display will highlight at the appropriate time.

When the Chords option is checked then also the chords will be displayed. With the picture button you can load a background picture. Font type and size can also be selected. All these settings are also in effect when a karaoke file is played in the Live window.

Linefeeds will occur in the Karaoke display the same way as in the text edit box. This is done by adding a linfeed character at the end of the last word on a line. In the eventlist window you are not able to edit linefeed characters, so instead you can enter an empty lyric and it will be changed in a linefeed character automatically.