Sequencer Pianoroll View

The notes for a selected channel are displayed in a piano roll format with the ticks on the X-axis and the pitch on the Y-axis. The channel can be selected in the upper left corner.

To inser notes: select mode Insert. Then point and click.

To edit a note: select mode Modify. Drag the centre part of a note up and down to change its pitch. Drag the left part of a note right and left to change its start position. Drag the right part of the note right and left to change its length. Point at a note and scroll the mousewheel with the v key pressed (F1 in Linux) to change the velocity.

To delete a note: select mode Delete. Point at a note and click to delete it.

Pressing the i, d or m key (F5, F6 or F7 in Linux) will temporary switch to Insert, Delete or Modify mode (keep it pressed).

The length and velocity of inserted notes can be specified. If you select variable length then each time a note is inserted a window will popup with a choice of notelengths. A selected grid value will force inserted and edited notes to the boundaries of the specified grid interval.

Change the horizontal and vertical scale with the buttons in the lower right corner.