Style Wizard

After clicking on the Style Wizard button in the Style Editor you are first prompted to select a MIDI file. After that the Style Wizard window will appear with all the parameters already filled out. You can accept it as is or make changes. For each of the variations that can be created there is one line of parameters.

From and Length specify the bars in the MIDI file from which the variation will be copied. Both need to specified or the variation will be omited.

For each of the 16 channels you can specify the destiny channel for this MIDI file channel. If no channel is specified then the channel is omitted. All specified destiny channels in a column must be the same. Type an X to erase an entire column.

Choose the transposition type. Chord will transpose according to chordtypes. Melody will ignore chordtypes and retain the original melody, this might be usefull in intro and ending and sometimes in fill ins.

You can add an effect to a variation. Fill adds a drum roll. FadeOut and FadeIn: decrease/increase volume.

In the next column you can adjust the velocity (loudness) of the notes from 1 to 200%.

The value in the last column will repeat the selected bars the indicated number of times with a slight variety in note velocity and drum instruments.

The least you should do when creating a style from a MIDI file is remove the melody. You can do that in advance in the sequencer or in the Style Wizard. Temporary x out one channel at a time and play to hear if the melody is gone.

Click OK when ready and you wil return to the Style Editor. Your new style is finished and can be tested immediately in the Live window.