Live window

This is the interface for live playing. The accompaniment will start when a chord is played. In the upper right corner you can browse thru the styles on your computer. When a style is clicked on it will be loaded instantly. An already playing style will not be interrupted until the end of the bar and then switched without a glitch. The same area can be replaced with a lyrics viewer by clicking on the options at the left of it. On the left, current settings are displayed: selected style, voice, volumes, etc.

The lower area shows the keys of your computer keyboard. The keys can be used to
switch stylevariations and activate all kinds of things while playing. It can even be used to play chords and melody. The assignment of actions to keys is completely customizable, just right-click on a key to change its action. A key can be a menu which gives access to another keyboard full actions which can again include menus. Instead of using your computer keyboard you can also assign functions to MIDI messages coming from your MIDI keyboard controller in the Preferences window. There you can also select for another control device than the computer keyboard to activate the actions: a MIDI keyboard controller or a touch screen. The layout on the bottom half of the screen will change accordingly.

In the upper left is the record option. When you check this all events will be recorded from the moment that the accompaniments start (not before that) and each recording will be stored in memory. When you select menu File>Save Recording, you will be presented a list of all recordings and you can select one to save to disk.

When you increase the size of the Live window then everything on screen will be enlarged. If you have a big screen then you will be able to read the text from a long distance. This will come in handy if you are playing your MIDI keyboard controller at a large distance from the screen (on stage, in the studio).

The lyrics viewer displays the lyrics in the current preset. You can browse with the "scroll up" and "scroll down" functions. When a Karaoke file is played (defined as karaoke file in the preset) then the Karaoke text will be displayed in big font and highlighted while playing.