Using the remote control

You can find JmRemote in the Google Play Store. In the Live window the JmRemote app can be used to perform all the interactions otherwise provided by PC screen and keyboard. Instead of first looking at the screen to find a function and then looking at the keyboard to find the corresponding key, you now look at the tablet to find the function and just touch it directly. If a menu is chosen that changes the functions of all buttons, then the new functions will be displayed in the buttonlabels of the Android app as well as on the PC screen.

To use this, first go to the
Preferences window in OMB and select the Live Control panel. On the third line change "Computer keyboard" to "Touch screen and remote". In the option that pops up on the right, select "7*8 (remote)".

When the JmRemote app is installed and running it will ask you to type the IP Addres of the computer. Go to the Preferences window in OMB and select the Remote tab. You will see the IP Address of you computer there, type it in at the remote. Now check the "Remote control" option in the Preferences window. In Windows a Firewall message will appear that the program has been blocked and if you want to unblock it, press the unblock button. If you have done otherwise you can correct this by finding One Man Band in Windows Firewall manager and unblock it. Now press the connect button in the JmRemote app on your Android device. The control buttons and the stylelist will become visible. You can swipe up and down between the control panel and the stylelist

The Direct Touch optione will result in faster button actions and will allow you to play notes on the touch screen. But be careful when you swipe the buttons up to show the style list. The button that you touch while swiping will be activated. Use an empty button as handle when you swipe in Direct Touch mode.
Also be careful when you play notes on the touch screen, making a swipe movement will cause the note to hang.

The Style List option will show the style list below the button panel. You must swipe to make it visible. This introduces the danger of unintended scrolling of the button panel. It si better not to use this option but to switch styles using preset buttons.

If you don't succeed in connecting, then in Windows go to ControlPanel => Security => Firewall => AllowProgramThroughWindowsFirewall, all listings of omb.exe must have a checkmark.

It is asumed that you have a local network with Wifi in your home. That will be the case in most houses. If you don't have one or if you are away from home, playing for an audience in a public location, then you can create your own local wireless network (better known as portable WIFI hotspot) using your Android device. Most Android device have this option in the Wireless & Networks part of the Settings app. When it is set up you need to connect your computer to this local network. After that the procedure is the same as decribed above.