Voice Editor

Up to 500 multivoices can be defined. Select one in the list on the left. The name can be edited in the upper left corner. Each multivoice is a combination of a maximum of 4 instruments on channels 1 thru 4. The settings for each instrument can be defined by specifying patchnumber, bank msb, bank lsb, octave, volume, reverb, chorus, modulation, pan. Instead of specifying patch/msb/lsb you can also click on the instrument name and pick an instrument from the voicelist as defined in menu Preferences. Pan has values from 0 thru 127 which are the opposite sides and 64 is the middle.

Instrument 1 is always attached to the right hand, that are all the remaining keys that are not assigned to chords, bass or split in menu Prefrences/Live-Control. You can add close and/or wide harmony to this instrument which will add notes according to the current chord playing.

The other 3 instruments can be assigned to right hand, left hand or bass/split. Left hand corresponds to the keys in the chord area. This instrument will only sound if Left Hand is switched on in the Live Window. If a bass channel or a keyboard split is defined then those keys will play the bass/split instrument(s) in the multivoice.