Live: Recording

Go to the Live window, check the Record option.
Play a song with chords and melody. Use Fill Ins and variations Main A thru Main D.
At the end activate an ending.
When the accompaniment has stopped, go to menu File => Save recording.
A list will popup showing the recording that you made.
This list with recordings will stay available until you exit One Man Band. Each item on the list contains the recording from the moment the accompaniment starts, until it stops. You may want to have the record option always on, so that you can always save the MIDI file after you played something really good.
Click on the recorded item and click on the Save button.
It will be stored as a MIDI file.

Go to the Sequencer/Eventlist window.
Select menu File => Open MIDI file and select the MIDI file that you just saved.
Click on the Play button.
You will hear the song that you just played.
Change "Show event types" to "Chords" then to "Style and Variations" then to "Multivoices".
Notice that the chords and actions are also stored in the MIDI file.

Go to the Sequencer/Arranger window.
Click on the stylename in cell 1.
You are asked if you want to load another style, answer Yes.
Select another style.
Click on OK.
Now click on Generate and click on Play.
The song is now played in another style. Everytime you change a style or variation or multivoice or chord in this window, you need to press the Generate button to convert the rest of the MIDI file accordingly.