Installing OMB in MacOs 10.12 Sierra and higher.

The normal installation procedure in OSX is to open the downloaded .dmg file, drag the included folder to your applications folder en start the omb app from within its folder in the applications folder.

Due to a change in the security system in Sierra you will get the following error:

Start the Terminal (find the Terminal app in the Applications folder) and type (or cut and paste):
xattr -r -d /Applications/One\ Man\ Band\ v12.1/
for the full version or
xattr -r -d /Applications/One\ Man\ Band\ v12.1\ Demo/
for the demo.

After that you can start OMB the normal way. You need to do this action only once after installation.
More info on this subject at:

If you already installed OMB in a previous version of OSX and then upgraded to Sierra, then you can keep starting OMB like you used to do before Sierra.

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