Style editor: Advanced editing

Download Salsa.sty.
Go to menu Window => Style Editor. Open style Salsa.
Place a checkmark at the "All tracks" option.

In channel 14, 15 and 16, the number of events is not specified. Instead it says "alt". That means there are alternate tracks playing on these channels.
Right click on the events column in channel 16.
A message will popup. You are offered to options. Switch to Advances view or eliminate the alternate tracks.
Go to menu => Edit => Simplify Style.
Now there is only one track for each channel. The other tracks are removed. You can edit the events now.
Go to menu => Edit = Undo Simplify Style.

Click on the Advanced Button and then on the "Track parameters" tab.
Click on tracknumbers 14, 15 and 16.
Notice that they all have the same destination channel.
Click on the mute tab.
Not all the (chord root) notes are checked in track 14 and 15. They are complementary, some chords will play track 14 other chords track 15. That is to create more variation in the accompaniment.
In track 16, all the notes are checked. But there are no notes to play in this variation. Some variations have notes in track 16, others in track 14 and 15. This is how the styles in Yamaha keyboards often are constructed.

Click on tracknumber 14 and on the "Track parameters" tab.
Remove the checkmark at the "All tracks" option.
Click on Play.
You will hear the trombone play low pitch tones.
Change the "Note range" to C8 thru G9.
Click on Play.
The trombone will now play a very high pitch. Some instruments sound better within a certain range. You can specify that range here. If a note in certain chords is transposed outside its ranged it will be lowered are raised one or more octaves.
Go to menu => Edit => Undo Change Note Low.

Click on tracknumber 10.
The destination channel = 9 and the "Drums" option is checked. In the default compatibility mode "GM", OMB wil play drums always on channel 10, nomatter what has been specified here. The specified channel for drums, is only used in compatibility mode "XG" and "Identical". The compatibilty mode is specified in menu File => Preferences => MIDI Ports.
The transposition type is Bypass for drums. Played chords have no effect on the drums. For bass instruments the transposition type should be Bass and for other instruments Chord. They will be transposed to notes that are valid within the played chord. If you want to retain the melody, even when the notes are not valid in a chord, then specify Melody.

The Source chord specifies in which chord the events are played. If it is CMaj7 then you could expect to find the notes C, E, G and B in the event list.

You can experiment with the other settings to find out what effect they have in OMB and in a Yamaha keyboard.