One Man Band on a tablet

The most frequently asked question: when will there be a version for the iPad or Android?

I agree that for live performance a tablet provides the best interface. It's touch screen in combination with the Live window in touch-screen mode garantees swift interactions. All the buttons are labeled with there current action and you don't have to look at the screen to find the action and then look at the keyboard to find the corresponding key. A tablet fits well on the musicstand of your piano or synthesizer. It is easy to take with you when you perform outside your house.

But why not using a Windows tablet. Money is no issue, you can order one in China for USD 80 or buy one second hand for less than USD 40. And yes the cheap ones do the job very well. Making a version for IOS or Android would mean rebuilding everything from scratch. What is the use of that if you can buy a Windows tablet for cheap and have the same result.

So buy a second hand Chinese Windows tablet just for use with One Man Band and use your iPad or Android Tablet for everything else. Read more about One Man Band on a Windows tablet.

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