Handle styles

When you touch the Styles button in the top of the main view, you will be presented with a list of styles that you can select from. If you select one it is loaded and you return to the main view. If you instead touch the folders button you will see a list of folders with styles. Intially there is only the One Man Band folder with 60 styles and the empty Downloads folder.

When you copy a single style to One Man Band (download, Mail, iCloud) it will be placed in the Downloads folder. When you copy a zip-file with styles to One Man Band then the included styles will be placed in a new folder with the same name as the zip-file. There are many zip-files with styles available on the internet.

Press the Edit button to move the styles. In the Folders view you can rename or delete a folder or create an new one. Select one or more folders before you touch Delete or Rename. Inside a folder you can select multiple styles and then touch Share, Cut, Copy, Delete or Rename. After Cut or Copy you are presented with the list of folders, select where you want to place it and then touch the Paste button. After Share you can select from one of the share options.

If you use iTunes to copy styles to One Man Band, make sure that the styles are in folders inside the Styles folder. You can't place files and folders directly in the Styles folder in iTunes so do as follows. Drag the Styles folder in iTunes from the app to a folder in the file browser on Mac or PC. Then place the extra folders with files in the Styles folder on your Mac or PC. Then drag the Styles folder back from the file browser to the app in iTunes and press OK to overwrite. After that the new folders will be visible when you press the Load and then the Folders button.

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