Auditioning styles

Among all the styles that you can download there are probably just a limited number that you want to use. You can audition and select them with typed commands after you start One Man Band Live. You will need at least a computer keyboard connected to the Pi and a monitor would be usefull too in this task.

Place the syles to be auditioned in a separate folder, then make that the active styles folder. There are three ways to do that.

  1. Temporary change the name of the folders so that ./Styles/ contains the styles to be auditioned.
  2. Edit the line in config.txt that defines the folder e.g. StyleFiles:./NewStyles/
  3. Type the same line in ombl.

Now in ombl type "a" (for audition, don't type the quotes) and "enter". Ombl will now read all the styles in the folder and load the first one. You can play it to find out if you want to use it. The next time you type "a" and "enter", the next style will be loaded. If you don't like the style then type "d" (for delete) and "enter". The style will be removed from the folder and the next style loaded. While auditioning, the loaded styles are displayed.

The recorded MIDI files have long names with date, stylename and multivoice name included. You can replay them directly after playing with the start/stop function. But if you want to play them later you might want to rename them first. After that type:


You can end One Man Band Live by typing quit