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Download the Demo version of One Man Band and run it to install. In some cases you will get the error message "Navigation to the Webpage was canceled" in the help functions. In that case the helpfile is blocked by your firewall. To fix this, find the file omb.chm in the One Man Band folder, right click on it, select properties and press the unblock button. It is not advised to install this software in the Program Files folder in Vista or Windows7. If you did you should always start it as administrator (normal users can't write in the Program Files folder).

This will connect the MIDI ports on your music keyboard with an USB port on your PC.

Connect your MIDI keyboard controller to the PC with MIDI cables. If you do not have a MIDI keyboard controller then you can use the PC keyboard.

When using using an arranger keyboard switch it from "Arranger mode" to "MIDI mode" and set "Local off".

From MS Windows Start button: select program/One Man Band v10.1 Demo.

Select from the menu bar the option "Settings" and select the MIDI In port that is connected to your MIDI keyboard controller.

Press a chord with 3 fingers on the left side of your MIDI keyboard controller. The accompaniment will start playing. Play melody on the right side of your MIDI keyboard controller. Without a MIDI keyboard: play on the qwerty keys for melody and the other keys or use the mouse for the chords and variations.

Select menu option Loader that will bring up a window where you can select styles. Double click on a style to load it. While the loader window is active you can still use the PC keys, just like the PC keyboard window was the active window.

When you have a MIDI keyboard controller connected then the PC keyboard 2 or MIDI keyboard window would be a better option for live playing. Select menu Window > PCKeyboard 2.

Press keys on your PC keyboard that correspond to the variation-labels on the screen.

Press the shift key and select different voices.

Press the backspace key and select from the presets menu. Trying the different presets will give you an idea what you can do with One Man Band.


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