Sequencer window

There are four windows available to view and edit MIDI/Karaoke files.

The Main/Recorder view shows an overview of the 16 channels with control knobs for each channel. For convenience a virtual midi keyboard is added that can be operated with the mouse or computer keyboard, it also shows the played notes while playing a sequence. Here is where you record tracks.

Eventlist view shows all the details like notes, controllers, patches.

Piano Roll is a well known format for viewing notes.

In the
Staff view you can select a channel or show all channels in parallel. You can print the MIDI file in staff.

Edit menu

Single event mutations like adding, deleting or editing a single event can be undone unlimitedly. Batch mutations like a series of Karaoke inserts or the edit menu actions can also be undone but only the last one and previous single event mutations will be erased from the undo list by a batch mutation.

Cut, copy and delete events can be done with filters.

Clear bars will delete all the events in the specified range.

Insert bars will move all the events after the specified start point for the specified number of bars (meassures). Thus a gap is created.

Delete bars will delete all the events in the specified range and move all the events after the specified range backwards to close the gap.

Quantize events will adjust the timing of note events to the specified interval.

Transpose events will increase/decrease the pitch of note events

Adjust events will change the Value2 property of selected notes and controllers.

Slide events will increase/decrease the ticks value of events in a specific bar range.

Switch channels will move all events in one channel to another.

Import MIDI file will insert a MIDI file at a specified starting point in the sequence.