What is Serenade?

Serenade is tool to add text to a midifile (.mid) and create a karaokefile (.kar). This can be the original text of the song but also a text that you created for a special occasion (wedding, good-bye-party etc.). Text in Unicode is supported for all languages including Japanese and Arabic (with right to left display).

The text is edited in a normal text format, you can copy and paste it from any webpage or wordprocessor. The words are inserted by pressing any key while the midifile is playing . The resulting karaoke file can be played in Serenade or in any other midi karaoke player (e.g. VanBasco software, Tyros keyboard).

Beside text also chords in XF format are suported that will display well both in Serenade and Yamaha keyboards.

Serenade comes with a complete sequencer e.g. cut and paste to adjust the number of verses increase or decrease the pitch to match the range of your voice and adjust the volume of each separate instrument. There is also an Android remote control app to control the playlist while the karaoke is playing on fullscreen, you can download it from the website.

In the demo version you can't save edited karaoke files but you can use it as a Karaoke player without restrictions and distribute it if you like.

The full version for Windows, OSX or Linux can be purchased online.

There is also a Serenade for Mp3 files and for CD's. Visit the website.

For any suggestions, mail to: josmaas@1manband.nl