Serenade version 4.0 - Create Karaoke files from MIDI files

This is an old/vintage version of Serenade, the latest version van be found here.
The new version has much more features but some like this old version for its simplicaty and scrolling lyrics.

Serenade is tool to add text to a midifile (.mid) and create a karaokefile (.kar). This can be the original text of the song but also a text that you created for a special occasion (wedding, good-bye-party etc.).

The text is edited in a normal text format, you can copy and paste it from any webpage or wordprocessor. The words are inserted with the Ctrl-key while the midifile is playing . The resulting karaoke file can be played in Serenade with large scrolling display or in any other midi karaoke player (e.g. VanBasco or a Yamaha Tyros keyboard).

There are some basic facillities in Serenade to adjust the midi file. E.g. cut and paste to adjust the number of verses and volume changes for each instrument.

With the demo version you can save files to test them on any other Karaoke player but only the first 100 characters of the song text will be included (and only the first 20 chords).

Download now.
How to uninstall Serenade.
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The full version of Serenade v4 costs $9.95. Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, 8 and 10, 16Mb, 166Mhz, 800*600 pixels.

How it works:

In the upper right corner of the screen is the area where you edit or paste the text for the song.Then put the cursor before the first word of the text and press the play button. When the music reaches the point where the first syllable has to be sung, then press the Ctrl key. The first syllable will be highlighted. Press the Ctrl key again for each syllable to be sung. When you're finished press the play button again to stop the music. The lyrics will now become visible in the large display. The hyphen (-) between the syllables in the words are not visible in the large display but each syllable will highlight separately when you play the song. It is also possible to insert a line at a time instead of words: select insert mode lines. Use the half speed option for more accurate timing while inserting lyrics. Fonts for lyrics and chords can be selected in the Settings menu.

Besides lyrics you can also add chords, separately or in combination with lyrics. In Chords and lyrics mode, the words are inserted one at a time with the control-key. But at the same time any chord typed on the line above the words, will be inserted too. The chords are XF compatible and will show on the display of Yamaha keyboards like the Tyros.

Play karaoke

While playing the words will turn red at the time they are to be sung and the screen will scroll gently. In the playlist window you can compose a list of songs. Playlists can be saved and loaded. A time delay between the songs can be specified in the settings menu.