The Eventslist.

The eventslist is used within the Sequencer, Arranger and Stylemaker Window. The MIDI events that produce the music in the synthesizer are listed. Browse with the page up and page down keys. Or enter a barnumber at "Jump to" and press enter. Click on a note in the value column to hear its sound. Double click on any of the listed values to change it. After you click on an event, its starttime is displayed in grey indicating that this is the current event. To delete the current event: press the delete key. To insert an event below the current event and duplicate the current values to it: press the insert key.

The start time of an event is specified in bars (or measures), beats and ticks. How many ticks there are in a beat varies between MIDI files. How many beats there are in a bar depends on the timesignature (4/4 or 3/4). If a single number is entered, then it will be regarded to be the barnumber. So 5 will be translated to 5:01:0000. The barnumber and beatnumber always start numbering from 1 but the ticknumber will start numbering from zero.

Notes, patches and controllers can be directed to 16 synthesizer channels. Some event types such as text and tempo are not related to a channel.

When you double click on an event type then a selection list will become visible. The number of types listed depend on the type of main window you are in (Sequencer, Arranger or Stylemaker).

Midimessage kan have two values: databyte1 and databyte 2. In this case the Controller 7 identifies a volume controller with a value of 100.

This note with pitch D5 has a note-on velocity (loudness) of 100. The lenght is 40 ticks. Length is specified in beats and tick, both start counting from zero.

When you click on an patch event then an "Ins" button will appear. You can choose a patch from the list or press the Ins-button and select from the instrument definition window.

Press the Play button to hear the changes you made immediately. The bars that are played are displayed. With the selection options on the right you can define what events should be included and displayed in the eventslist.

Click on the menu option "Return" To go back to the window where you came from.


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