The Karaoke window.

The Karaoke window is used to add lyrics to a MIDI file and thus create a karoake file (*.kar). The Karoke files created this way can be attached to one of the presets in OMB for live performance. They can also be played with correct scrolling display in Van Basco or in a Tyros keyboard.

Load a MIDI file with menu "File/Open MIDI file". The loaded MIDI or karaoke file is also active in the sequencer window. If lyrics are present in the file then they will be displayed in the Karaoke window in three text fields.

The text field in the lower left corner is where you must enter the lyrics. Type the text or copy it from somewhere else with the standard Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V Windows key commands. If the syllables of a word should be highlighted one at a time then put hyphens (-) between them. The hyphens will not be visable in the final display. Place the cursor before the first word to be entered in the karaoke file and press play. Now press the control keyeach time a word or syllable should be highlighted in the karaoke display. The cursor will jump to the next word or syllable each time you press the control key.

When you're finished press the play button again to stop and again to start. The text you entered in the previous action will now be displayed in big fonts in the text field on the upper half of the screen. Each word or syllable is highlighted at the exact same time in the sequence as when you pressed the control keys.

You can do the control key entering in small parts at a time. Press the delete all button to start all over again, the text in the lower left will not be deleted. You can also do small corrections using the edit list in the lower right of the screen. Click on a word to activate it and then press the delete button. After deleting a few words you can re-enter them while playing with the control key. The insert key will add events at the start of the file. Double click on each added event and enter some text with info about the song.

Save the result with menu "File/Save MIDI file as" and include the extension .kar to the name indicating this is a MIDI file with lyrics.

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