The Mixer window.

The Mixer window is accessed with the menu option Mixer. It provides a quick and easy way to change te settings of the active style and multivoice. You can call up the mixer Window and move the sliders while the accompaniment plays.

The largest part of the window provides sliders for the maximum 16 tracks in the style. It will show the names of the tracks that are active in the currently playing variation. By default the sliders will be assigned to the volume. But you can assign them to other type controllers by pressing the corresponding button. Or fill the number of the type controller (0 - 127) and press the "other ctrl:" button. The sliders are operated with the mouse, but you can also click on the < and > labels to move the sliders. Click on the squares in the "Mute" column to mute the track. Press the voice button of a slider to try out different voices from the instruments definition lists. All while the accompaniment plays and while you can hear the effect of the changes you made.

The movements you make with the sliders will change the value of controller as specified in the control area of the style. If there is no controller of this type specified in the style then one will be added. When you press the save button the style will be saved with the new settings. Most original Yamaha styles have all there controllers in the control area and none in the individual style variations. If however controllers are present in the style variations then moving the slider will only effect the controllers in the current variations. In that case the effect will stay unchanged in all the other variations. Learn more about cleaning up styles in the style tutorials. In the lower left corner there is a is a slider for the tempo. The changed vallue of the tempo will also be saved in the style.

The bottom part of the window controls the Multivoice. The left part controlls the volume or other selected controller type. Press the "Voice 5-8" button to show and control the voices 5-8 which are only present in the Song Window. The right part controls the values of the velocities of melody and accompaniment that are visible in the main display. These values are not saved in the multivoice or style.

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