How further?

Try to spend 15 minutes a day on your note reading study. And if you don't have the time each day then do it at least once a week. But then I mean really note reading. Try to play a song that you have never heard before. Improvising or playing songs you already know are not included in the 15 minutes. Even with 15 minutes a week you will make progress. Playing music from fakebooks is not that difficult.

And then for some of you there will come a point that you decide this is not the hobby you were looking for. You may already have a collection of songbooks now but are not able to play them. There is another way to turn them into music. With Busker you can reproduce the song by dragging an dropping chords, notes and everything you see in the songbook to staff lines. When you have the same picture as in the songbook, then pick a style and melody voice and play. With different styles and voices you can make all kinds off arrangements of the song.

Another use of Busker is to let it show the keys that are played for chords and melody. Then try to play these keys yourself on the keyboard and thus learn to play without note reading.

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