How to install One Man Band

Windows demo:
Go to and click on "Download Demo: Windows".
If you are in Windows 7, then read
The installation file will start to download. Wait until it is finished, then run it.
Ignore the message that it is unlicenced and if you don't see a button to continue then click on "more info", the "install anyway" button will then appear.
Click on OK on all the next messages. The One Man Band v12.1 icon is now on your desktop.
Double click on it to start it.

Mac OS demo:
Go to and click on "Download Demo: Mac OS".
The installation file will start to download, when it is finished double click on it.
The dmg package file will open.
Drag the folder "One Man Band v12.1" to your applications folder.
In Mac OS 10.12 Sierra and higher read
Find the file omb.exe in the folder "One Man Band v12.1" in the apllications folder and double click on it to start it.

Full versions:
Go to and click on "Buy Now: Windows / Mac OS" (choose one).
In the new window read the payment options (mostly PayPal or Credit Card) and click on "Buy now at BMT Micro".
Fill in the purchase form and press "Place secure order".
After this you will receive an email with download instructions and also a registration key that you need when you run OMB for the first time.
After this the procedure is the same as for the demo versions.
BMT Micro has handled all the One Man Band transactions since 2002, they are trusted by me and many other vendors.

Run for the first time:
If you intend to use an exteral MIDI device with OMB (keyboard, piano, synthesizer) then connect the MIDI cable to the computer before you start OMB.
At the first time the full version will display a window where you must enter your name and the registration key (that was in the email with the download instructions).
Only the registration key is checked.
After that the Live window will appear.

Go to the Preferences window, in Windows it is in the Files menu, on the Mac you know where it is.
Check that the correct MIDI input is selected (if you have a MIDI keyboard controller connected to your PC).
The default MIDI Out device is JmSynth but if you have a better synth available then select it.
Set "local off" in the settings of your keyboard, piano or synthesizer, look in the manual of your instrument how to accomplish that.
The keys that you play should not produce any sound, they should just send MIDI messages to the computer.
If you are using an arranger keyboard then switch it "to be used with a computer", again the manual of your instrument may be needed.

Now it is time to play, try all the options you are interested in and look in the help menu to find answers to questions that arise.