Using MIDI keys, buttons, sliders, pedals

Any key, button, slider or pedal on a MIDI instrument that is connected with a MIDI cable to your iOS device and that sends MIDI, can be used to trigger functions in One Man Band. You define this in Settings/Triggers.

On the left you will see a list of functions that can be triggered, select one of them. On the right select the MIDI message that should trigger the selected function. It can be a note, control or a patch (instrument). You can also specify that the trigger will only occur when the MIDI message is on a specific channel.

In Settings/Sliders you can couple tempo or loudness to a wheel or slider. Select tempo or a loudness and select a controll type, sent by the wheel or slider that will regulate this effect. You can specify a channel for the controll messages. The effect will vary from zero to maximum with the value of the control messages.

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