One Man Band Live for iOS
Warning: in the current version of iOS13/iPadOS13 it is not possible to copy files with styles and soundfonts to One Man Band. As a workaround you can copy styles and soundfonts from your PC or Mac computer.

Change your digital piano or synthesizer into an arranger keyboard with realtime auto-accompaniment.

Connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod to your keyboard instrument with the camera connection kit and an USB AB cable or a MIDI interface cable (depending on what your keyboard uses for MIDI). Then start One Man Band and select the Settings button. Choose the MIDI In and MIDI Out port to your keyboard and press Done. Now select the red Presets button and choose one of the style/voice combinations.

When you play a chord on the leftside of your keyboard instrument, the accompaniment will start to play. You can play the melody on the right side of the keyboard, it will have harmonies and instrument layers depending on the chosen voice. Select different style variations (Main, Fill, Intro, Ending) while you play. Switch to different accompaniment styles and melody voices with the buttons on top. Press Record and set the switch on to record MIDI files.

One Man Band utilises standard style files compatible with the styles used in Yamaha PSR, DGX and Tyros arranger keyboards. There are thousands of these styles available on the internet. When you copy a zip-file with styles to OMB (download, email, icloud), the styles will be placed in a new style folder with the same name as the zip-file.

The panel with 56 buttons is customisable. You can assign a function, voice, preset, chord or note to each of the buttons (except for the button top left) and create submenus with again 56 buttons each. Create your own voices with harmonies and instrument layering.

There is also a free version available One Man Band Lite. It comes with 10 styles that you can use without restrictions. Other styles will pause for 15 seconds after 60 seconds of playing. You need the full versions to play all styles.

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