One Man Band Live version 1.0 - Realtime arranger for the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian OS)

Convert your piano or synthesizer into an arranger keyboard with One Man Band Live. OMBL uses styles that are compatible with those used in Yamaha keyboards. There are 30 included but you can find thousands of them on the internet. You don't need a monitor, computer keyboard or mouse while playing, all you need is a USB/MIDI cable and a Raspberry Pi. In normal operation mode the keys on the left hand side wil trigger the chords for the accompaniment and the keys on the right hand side wil play the melody, with layers and harmonies if selected. But while the attention key is down (the highest key) all the other keys will perform operational actions when pressed. You can load styles, switch multivoices for the melody, play FilI-ins, change tempo and volume, all without lifting your hands of the keyboard. Everything you play from the moment the accompaniment starts until the accompaniment stops is recorded and saved in a MIDI file.

The full version of One Man Band Live costs USD 15. You can download the demo for free, it does save MIDI files, but the accompaniment is stopped after a minute. Then after 5 seconds you can start the accompaniment again by playing a chord.

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There will be no more updates for the Raspberry Pi version of this product. Test the demo and check all the functions that you intend to use before buying. Be aware that when you install this product on a different computer or install an other version of Linux, some previously working functions may no longer work.