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One Man Band Live for iPad, iPhone and iPod (iOS)

One Man Band v12 - Live-on-stage arranger (Windows / Mac OS)

One Man Band Originals - Live-on-stage arranger (Windows)

One Man Band v11 - Live-on-stage arranger (Linux) Remarks / Download Demo / Buy Now

One Man Band Live - Realtime arranger for the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)

Busker - Score editor and player (Windows)

Serenade - Karaoke editor and player for MIDI files (Windows / Mac OS)

Serenade - Karaoke editor and player for MIDI files ( Linux) Remarks / Demo / Buy Now

Also Serenade for MP3 files (Windows)

Band Minus One - Accompaniment maker (Windows / Mac OS)

Synthie - Dxi host and low latency version of the Microsoft Synthesizer (Windows)

Follow Me - Learn to play without knowledge of music notes

Chord Player for Arranger Keyboards (Windows)

Free sheet music for traditional songs With Midi files

Learn to read sheet music for keyboard players Free online course

How to find chords for a melody in a very simple manner


What's your pleasure?    
Keyboard playing        
Real-time auto accompaniment: you can transform any piano or synthesizer into an arrranger keyboard (OMB)        
Play a pre-entered sequence of chords using the styles in your arranger keyboard
Create and edit styles for Yamaha keyboards
Create music-arrangements using (free available) styles in Yamaha format (
OMB, Busker, Band Minus One)        
Add lyrics to MIDI files (
Add lyrics to Mp3 files (Serenade for Mp3)
Create MIDI/Karaoke files (
Note reading        
Learn how to read sheet music(
Sheet music (
Traditional songs)        
Learn how to play sheet music (
Learn how to play an instrument with or without sheet music       
Keyboard, recorder and guitar (
Traditional songs        
Sheet music and midi files (
Sheet music for traditional songs)        
Play ABC files (


Problems? Solutions!

Whether you are a live musician, a studio musician or a home musician, some of the following problems may seem familiar.

  1. My arranger keyboard can't play the great quality sounds of the software synthesizer that I have on my PC. With One Man Band you can exploit softsynths in both melody and accompaniment.
  2. I find the quality of the keys on all arranger keyboards that I've tried not satisfactory. I want 88 keys with good feel. Use a high quality MIDI keyboard controller in your One Man Band arranger combination.
  3. I have a fantastic synthesizer but it hasn't got a built in arranger. I like to play automatic accompaniment now and then. Just connect to a PC and let One Man Band provide accompaniment while you use both the synthesizer keyboard and the sound of your synthesizer. OMB transforms your synthesizer into an arranger keyboard.
  4. I'm a little bored with the styles in my arranger keyboard. There are many styles available at the internet but loading each style with a floppy is cumbersome. With One Man Band , you can play styles directly from the hard drive of your PC.
  5. My arranger keyboard can't load new styles. With One Man Band you will play the enormous collection of Yamaha-compatible styles on any music-keyboard that has a MIDI connection.
  6. I need to have midifiles with accompaniment tracks, to use while I am playing my favourite piano-pieces. In the sequencer window of One Man Band you will arrange the accompaniment quickly, by specifying chords and styleparts.
  7. A friend of mine has a complete orchestra in his music-keyboard. I don't have such a sound in my digital piano. You can transform any digital piano or synthesizer into an arranger keyboard with One Man Band.
  8. I want to create my own styles for my Yamaha arranger keyboard. I find it very difficult using the built in tools. You will find it easy using the styleeditor in One Man Band. Transform MIDI files into styles and mix existing styles.
  9. I play styles on my Yamaha arranger keyboard that were converted from other keyboards. They sound a bit odd. With the tweaker function in the sequencer window of One Man Band you will find it easy to adjust all settings.
  10. I don't want to pay thousands of dollars extra for a hard drive (instead of a floppy), sufficient internal memory and a decent screen in an arranger-keyboard. I already have that in my PC and have paid much less. Use the hardware in your PC for your arranger combination with One Man Band.
  11. I have a songbook, but I can't play on an instrument. With Busker you can drag and drop notes, chords, lyrics and music symbols, thus creating the same image on screen as in your songbook. Then pick a style and press the play button.
  12. I can't find the karaoke files that I need. If you can find the songs with music-notes, chords and lyrics in a songbook, then you create your own karaoke files with Busker.
  13. Can somebody show me how to play the keys of my keyboard for this song. The notes and chords in my songbook are Chinese to me. You don't need to be able to read sheet music. Drag and drop the building blocks and create the same image on screen as in your songbook using Busker. Press play and the on-screen keyboard will show you how to play the chords and melody.
  14. I find adding text for a Karaoke song in a normal sequencer very complicated. Type or copy the text into Serenade and then use the ctrl-key for inserting each word or syllable at the right time while the MIDI-file plays.
  15. I need to have accompaniment tracks for my solo performance. The easiest accompaniment maker is Band Minus One.
  16. Can't find a realtime arranger for Linux. Try One Man Band.


Email: JosMaas@1manband.nl